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Rules of Strocketball


  • Chucker = the player “at bat

  • Blocker = the person who stands inside the circle and blocks the chucker when the chucker battles; the “goalie”

  • Round = an inning (3 outs for each team)

  • Fight alone = the chucker stands at home plate and throws the ball; like a free throw in basketball

  • Battle = the chucker stands next to the can  on the outside of the circle and tries to get the ball around the blocker

  • Stinker = when the chucker fights alone, throws the ball, and completely misses the can; like an air ball in basketball

(street hockey + basketball + baseball)


score as many points as possible in a nine-round game 


  • The chucker gets three chances to get the ball in the can.

  • If the chucker misses on all three throws, he/she is out.

  • If the chucker gets the ball on the first throw, he/she moves to the escape hatch (3rd base).

  • If the chucker gets the ball on the second throw, he/she moves to the backdoor (2nd base).

  • If the chucker gets the ball on the third throw, he/she moves to the doghouse (1st base). 

  • The player remains on base until the next player scores. The player on base gets to move as many bases as the chucker. If the player is already on third base, he/she moves to home plate and scores a point. 

Set Up

  • 4 Bases: 

    • The throne: home plate 

    • The doghouse: 1st base 

    • The backdoor: 2nd base 

    • The escape hatch: 3rd base 


  • 1 metal trash can set up in the street about 10 paces from the throne 


  • 1 circle of chalk drawn around the can with about three feet in between the can and the edge of the circle


  • 1 ball the approximate size of a softball


  • no set number of players on a team

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